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09/29 Corporate Gifts

When you run a business it is essential that you choose the right people to work for your company. You need to select people you can rely on, who are trustworthy and who will put in 110% effort to your company. Once you have chosen your special workforce you want to make sure that they stay, as good employees are hard to come by.

Obviously staff needs to be motivated and happy in their workplace as motivated staff achieve higher productivity, therefore, increasing company profits, from which, in turn, your hard-working employees will also reap the benefits. One way to show your staff that you value their contribution to the company and to show your appreciation for their hard work and loyalty is to reward them with Corporate Gifts.

Staff recognition is a great way to boost moral and acknowledge personal or team performances and giving corporate gifts is a great way to demonstrate that you value their importance within the company. Promotional Gifts can be given as incentives to your staff to achieve targets you need them to reach or as a bonus for special achievements or simply as a thank you to show your gratitude for their input throughout the year.

09/29 How To Ensure A Sweet Deal…

Have you ever felt the adrenaline rush of completing a flawless sales pitch, with a fabulous product and knowing that your personal panache will have earned your company its next big contract?  It’s a fantastic sensation, however all too often we come away from these business situations with niggling doubts over our performance – was there any way we could have pitched it better, or made ourselves more memorable?

One innovative way to make sure that your company is remembered positively is to take quirky ‘mobile marketing’ tools with you to such meetings.  The excellence of your sales patter, product knowledge and product capability will not always make you stand out, yet imagine kicking off the meeting by producing modern confectionary branded with your company logo as an ice breaker.  These would certainly ‘sweeten’ any deal and ensure that your company would be remembered as original, even if the products you sell are not renowned for being revolutionary.

More and more companies are looking to diversify their marketing strategies away from simple billboard or TV advertising.  Personally branded corporate gifts, confectionary or other quirky gifts is a cutting edge way for a company of any size to gain recognition for being different, interesting and memorable.

Crucially, promotional gifts are often small enough to be carried to meetings by company representatives, turning them into a useful, portable marketing tool.  They can also be an effective incentive to employees, letting workers buy into the ‘ethos’ of their company as well.


Corporate gifts are an invaluable marketing tool when it comes to promoting your business. Presenting corporate gifts, branded with your company logo, is one of the most effective, low cost marketing strategies, which can easily be incorporated into your budget, and which will have the maximum impact on your target audience.

When it comes to cost effective publicity, the addition of your company logo to your promotional gifts will enable you to increase brand awareness, enhance public relations, and when carefully selected and distributed can be a major contributing factor to the success of your business.

When promoting your company with corporate gifts, designed specifically to reflect your company image and to suit the lifestyles or interests of those receiving them, it is essential to choose high quality, stylish promotional items that will create a lasting impression and strengthen business relationships.

09/29 Classy Glass

How do you thank someone appropriately for the role they have played in advancing your company through a project or indeed, over an entire career?

Holding an award ceremony is one way to recognise achievement within a company, and give up-and-coming employees something to aspire to winning.  However, for a prize to be esteemed, it must first be prestigious and secondly it must be recognisable throughout the firm.  This is where corporate branding technology can really help to incentivise staff.  By creating classy awards, personalised to represent not only your company and its brand statement, but also engraved with the name and achievement of the employee to be honoured, you will reinforce your brand image within your own company, increasing motivation and ultimately, productivity.

It is now possible to arrange for prestigious, engraved corporate gifts to be produced and tailored specifically to your company’s needs, or for a particular special occasion, at the touch of a button.  Indeed, there is no need to engage in negotiations with local jewellers for these types of gifts any more; the modern secretary or personal assistant can simply browse the wide range of beautiful glassware available at without having to leave their desk, simply choosing the most appropriate for the occasion and supplying their company’s logo and details to be engraved.  The online supplier then takes care of every aspect of the personalisation of the gifts, which can be produced and delivered at very short notice.

The beautiful glassware awards available from phoenix corporate gifts include innovative ‘trophy’ designs, alongside more traditional cut glass tumblers, decanters and other sophisticated glass gifts, appropriate for a wide variety of award ceremonies, as incentives to others and as recognition of an individual’s personal achievement.

09/29 Boosting profits with Corporate Gifts

What better way to cement relationships between Management and its employees than with the giving of a corporate gift? this acknowledges that you are aware that without the help of your workforce; your company would not succeed in the current marketplace. Rewarding your employees with corporate gifts is a wonderful way to show your appreciation for the hard work and loyalty your employees have shown to your company.

The benefits of giving corporate gifts are numerous; they help to strengthen company relations, boost moral within the workplace, create a happy workforce and hence improve staff performance and your profit margins. Everybody likes to be told that they are a valuable asset to the company; a gift can demonstrate how much you recognise their importance to you and the company.

So what type of gift should you choose for your employees? Well this will vary depending on what your employees have achieved throughout the year and what input they have had in the company.  Phoenix Corporate Gifts have a wide selection of corporate gift Silverware ranging from key rings, mobile phone holders, clocks, letter openers, photo frames, wine sets etc. Corporate gifts vary in price and individuality and therefore the perfect opportunity to express your gratification to an employee.

A fun way to give personalised Corporate gifts would be to hold an Oscar ceremony where awards can be given in categories such as Best Newcomer, Best supporting role, Best Head of Department etc starting with smaller corporate gifts such as Two Tone Cuff Links for the male staff and Perfume Atomisers for the female staff, and then rewarding your most loyal and hard working employees with an extra special personalised corporate gift such as a Portable DVD player, or Cerruti 1881 Pilot Case.