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07/23 Fresher’s Fair Ideas 2012

environmentFor those of you that think ‘The children are our future’ (sounds like a song!) and would like to get their business name and message in front of  ‘The Future’ why not talk to us about Promotional Fresher’s Fair gifts.
In the 2010/2011 academic year, the UK student count stood at an incredible 2,500,000! For many businesses and service providers, students are a key target area for establishing brand loyalty during their early adulthood
Fresher’s Fairs have long been a popular tool for businesses to introduce themselves to the student population, but as their popularity grows, so does competition to get their message heard.
Businesses need to stand out from the crowd and ensure that students remember their brand or message.
What better way to get yourself noticed than through the use of high quality and useful promotional gifts? Well thought
out promotional items that set themselves apart from generic giveaways ensure that their recipient will keep hold of the item, making sure the promotional message keeps getting seen.
Please give our sales team a call on 08452 766 772 to request a PDF of our handy guide which includes a host of high quality promotional items that students are sure to keep throughout their university careers, keeping any brand or message close to hand.
Popular Items………………………………….
Mouse Mats * Desk Pads * Highlighters
Combo Pads * Thermal Mugs * Stress Ball
Phone Holders * Drinking Cups * USB Flash Drives
Bottle Openers * Keyrings
Smart Phone Holders * Bags
Wristbands * Magnets * Door Hangers

09/29 Promotional Pens – the ultimate form of advertising.

How many people whilst watching TV are influenced by the adverts? Television has often been referred to as the ‘king’ of the advertising media, having the power to influence human behaviour in the comfort of their own home.

Just imagine if you could promote your business to an infinite number of potential clients as effectively as a TV advertisement with just the stroke of a pen. Well that is exactly what you can do by giving away promotional pens to your employees, clients and prospective clients.

How often do people use a pen, in the workplace, at home, having a drink with friends or in a business meeting? Whether it’s to sign documents, write down an important phone number, or simply to make a note of something, promotional pens are a vital visual aid, promoting brand awareness and creating greater visibility of your company logo. When it comes to promoting your company, promotional gifts are one of the most effective marketing tools you can use as they are not only cheap to buy, but when branded with your company logo they are also the perfect advertisement vehicle.

09/29 The Eco Friendly Promotional Choice

As our natural resources become less and less and the effects of global warming are becoming apparent; today the importance of recycling has never been so prominent. So when it comes to the giving of promotional products by your company, how is it possible to deliver your promotional items or corporate gifts with minimum impact to the environment?

Giving recycled promotional products such as recycled mugs, recycled coasters or rechargeable keychain torches reduces the need to dig up or mine raw materials which often damages the surrounding environment. For example pencils made from recycled newspaper uses 70% less energy compared with manufacturing from raw materials.

By giving an Eco Friendly corporate gift or promotional gift you are not only helping to save resources, save energy, and protect the environment; but you are also demonstrating your company is up-to-date with what is going on in the world, is forward thinking and progressive. Giving Eco friendly products as corporate gifts or promotional gifts is basically a statement that shows your clients that you care about the environment. Furthermore many people will choose to support companies that have a positive view on the environment over their competition.

Why not choose an Eco Friendly promotional item and give your company a positive image today!


Corporate gifts are an invaluable marketing tool when it comes to promoting your business. Presenting corporate gifts, branded with your company logo, is one of the most effective, low cost marketing strategies, which can easily be incorporated into your budget, and which will have the maximum impact on your target audience.

When it comes to cost effective publicity, the addition of your company logo to your promotional gifts will enable you to increase brand awareness, enhance public relations, and when carefully selected and distributed can be a major contributing factor to the success of your business.

When promoting your company with corporate gifts, designed specifically to reflect your company image and to suit the lifestyles or interests of those receiving them, it is essential to choose high quality, stylish promotional items that will create a lasting impression and strengthen business relationships.