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06/02 Choosing Effective Promotional Items?

Giving branded promotional items to your customers is a very effective marketing tool that can promote your company without the costly overheads of magazine or TV advertising and is aimed directly at the market you are trying to reach. There are various ways to add your corporate logo to products which can be given as promotional gifts and will reflect your corporate image depending on how you want your company to be perceived. You can add a logo or brand message to any kind of product from pens, stationery, mugs and key rings to more personal products such as hats, bags, shirts or more luxurious items such as watches, spa products, dressing gowns etc.

Giving branded products as a gift will not only establish good business relations but they are also a useful visual aid that will ensure your company is always at the forefront of your customers mind. For example engraved pens, mugs and mouse mats in the office are a permanent reminder to the customer of your company name and branded image.

So where do you start when selecting the most suitable promotional item that will not only be relevant to your target audience, but that also creates the company image you want to portray. Firstly you need to establish what your promotional item is going to achieve for example are you looking for brand awareness, new customers or incentives to existing customers. Which kind of gift is going to be most suitable and which best represents your company i.e. a business type item, a personal item or a more luxury item. For example, a gym giving out promotional products to its new customers would be to put their logo onto a sports bag with a few branded items inside e.g. a pedometer, a skipping rope and a towel. This is not only a way to reward the customers for joining the gym but also the brand is reinforced every time the sports bag and products are used.