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08/28 How healthy is your company’s image?

All company directors are aware that much of their company’s success can be attributed to the way their company is perceived by its customers. It is not enough simply to offer brilliant customer service or to stock a wide range of products; the company must also project exactly the right kind of image in order for it to remain a memorable supplier.

Phoenix Corporate Gifts has developed an extensive range of products available through its online catalogue for personalisation with a company logo or brand message. These gifts are specifically designed to help companies project a healthy, alternative and eco-friendly image to customers and employees alike. From pedometers, massagers and luxurious bathroom products to a full range of corporate gifts and merchandise made from recycled materials, these gifts are a great low cost marketing tool for companies of any size.

Distributing desirable promotional and corporate gifts is one way to ensure that the company is being marketed effectively. All too often, companies will market themselves purely to their intended customers, through advertising. It is easy to forget the powerful effect that corporate image also has on employees. Choosing top quality promotional gifts can incentivise your employees, enabling them to buy into the company’s positive corporate image in the same way as customers. When employees do this, they feel greater levels of commitment and motivation towards the company, usually leading to an increase in productivity which could raise profits.

Companies operating across a wide variety of industries are now seeking to promote a much healthier image of themselves by moving away from such marketing staples as branded mouse mats and keyrings, and producing altogether higher quality, more creative promotional products. These include such promotional products as personalised gym equipment, for example skipping ropes and dumb bells, and even company branded mineral water. There is a significant rise in the number of companies which are becoming inventive with the promotional products they choose.