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03/28 Plant A Tree for the Queens Jubilee and Breathe Easily

treeWe are always looking for the unusual and a little different from the norm to offer our clients.  Now no one is saying the tried and tested promotional merchandise is dead, far from it.  However, everyone likes something a little out of the box…or in this case a bag!

Here at Phoenix Corporate Gifts we came over all patriotic this week!  We are delighted to announce that we have been working with a partner organisation to promote green awareness for the upcoming national celebration of Her Majesty’s sixtieth year on the throne.  We are offering your company the opportunity to help the environment whilst promoting your business, in the form of 27 varieties of trees in a hessian bag.  Or a card.  Or a tube.

These wonderful gifts ranging from broadleaf Ash and Alder through  to the most English of trees the mighty Oak, with an interesting twist of being an evergreen! Or, if you prefer the more usual conifers, such as Douglas Fir and Norway Spruce, it actually means you can grow your own Christmas tree this year.

As you have come to expect from Phoenix Corporate gifts we are source only the best and most innovative of promotional merchandise and this is no exception!  We are offering full origination in a variety of styles depending whether your choice of tree comes in a card, bag or tube.  With lead times from as little as 3-5 working days with order quantities from as few as 50 trees right through to your own mini forest with 5000+.

So you are helping to save the planet, showing your support for our Queen and you can rest easy knowing that your message will still be seen by your clients when our Queen celebrates her next jubilee.

And all the while you are promoting your business.

Now we can all breathe more easily.

03/22 The Promotional Travel Mug

We’re coming up to that time of year again, dark in the mornings before work. Frost on the grass, dew on the windows, breath visible in the air. What better way to wake up warm up in the mornings than with a warm, milky, fresh cup of coffee? Problem is – No time. Need to get to work!! Ahh, don’t you just hate it. Well that is where this useful little mug comes in handy, and for your advertising too! Chances are your average customer doesn’t have one of these in their household cupboard, so this item will be a keeper. Just fill with your desired drink, close the lid and there you have it, a non spill way to drink your coffee. Very useful for coffee on the go, in the car or those accident prone at their computer!  Not only that the re-useable plastic design of this custom travel mug means good buy to polystyrene alternatives; that is surely good news for the environment.

Promotional travel mugs

Each travel mug can be personalised with your logo printed on the front, a constant reminder of your company. The particular mug featured is also available in 6 different colours, so you will be sure to find the right colour combination for your company’s image. This particular classic travel mug is one of the best sellers as an economical choice. Phoenix Corporate Gift offer a very competitive rate you can even get an instant on line quote for your order. View the promotional travel mug today!

03/07 Branded Merchandise to make your company stand out from the crowd

There has never been a better instance to appear unique and innovative with your branding and advertising. Now is the instance to make your company stand out from the crowd and stand high above the competition. Promotional gifts have proven every time to have a greater longevity than television and radio advertising; promoting brand awareness each instance the product is used.

Choosing which branded merchandise for your company’s image can seem a bit of a challenge especially given the amount of variety available. Most companies opt for the usual promotional pen or notepad; but how are you ever going to shine in the crowd selecting the most stable of promotional merchandise?

We have just launched a new products range to help companies to do just that; we call it “the innovative new products range”. Here you will find some fascinating products, all of which have just been release in to the branded merchandise scene. Each can house your company’s logo. These products are sure to create an impact with your potential prospects. Let me introduce a taster of these products that may start to inspire your new campaign.

Introducing the first ever portable lens cleaner, we call it The Cocoon Lens Cleaner. Have you ever been stuck whilst out and about for suitable material to clean that ever annoying smudge your glasses, sunglasses even camera on the move? Well not anymore with this accessible little gadget; a tactile micro cloth winds up into portable casing. A definite keeper for any of your potential prospects.

Thunder SticksWhy unveil the inner child in your prospects with the ultimate noisemakers; The Thunder Sticks!! This fun packed, one of a kind new concept that can’t but amaze. On first impact the tubes self inflate; there is no need for an external air force; then, bang them together and they will bring the ultimate attention to your brand with an ear defying noise. Simply have your brand printed on the side. These are perfect for any outdoor event or just to put the life in to that all important sales meeting!