02/17 How Your Company Can Overcome the Economic Crisis

There is no doubt we have hit an economic crisis. With financial meltdown hitting the US and spreading to the other parts of the world, and many big organisations closing down, it is only natural to feel concerned for your business. Does this mean you have to stop promoting your company? Are you just going to sit back and wait for things to improve or indeed fall down around your feet without even trying to do something about it yourself, I think not! You need to speculate to accumulate.

Now is precisely the right time to put more effort into advertising your products and/or services. With low cost promotional merchandise options it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. In these difficult times you still need to keep your existing customers happy; to ensure their repeat business and you need to create greater visibility of your company to acquire new customers.

What you are looking for is a powerful advertising tool, that will reach the masses, is a cost effective exercise, that will excite your existing customers and that will have the greatest impact on your prospective clients, without over-stretching your budget. Something that will enhance your company image, earn respect and trust from your consumers and which in return will increase profitability in your business finances.

One of the most successful ways to project your company image is by giving away Promotional Merchandise personalised with your company logo. You can select the products that best suit your customers’ individual requirements and something that will generate an interest in your business to both existing and potential clients.

Phoenix Corporate Gifts comprehensive online catalogue provides you with the highest quality, low costpromotional items and corporate gifts on the market, with one of the widest selections of advertising merchandise and promotional items to choose from.

10/31 The Importance of Brand Building

A company’s logo plays an essential role in creating a corporate identity. However, just having a catchy logo or tagline is not enough. To make your logo effective and to get it ‘out there’, a branding strategy needs to be employed. A single logo used time and time again reinforces your company’s image, building credibility to your employees, potential customers and existing clients.

A good place to start building your company’s branding image is from within. Integrate your brand within your company’s office and start building the loyalty toward your corporate identity with your employees. It is essential that your employees have respect for your company and brand so this is reflected to your clients. With Christmas coming up a good way to reward your hard working employees is with the giving of a corporate gift branded with your logo. Every time the product is used your brand is reinforced.

By promoting your logo to existing customers you build customer loyalty to your brand, you show you are stable and serious about your business with them. When your clients see your logo they will immediately associate it with your product or service. Again the giving of a corporate gift or a collection of gifts to your existing clients is not only a way to thank them but also reinforces your company’s image.

When it comes to promoting your brand to new potential clients, the tactic you need to employ is slightly different. A large quantity of items are needed to be used as giveaways for conferences, trade fairs or exhibitions. So how can you find large quantities of low cost items that still will be of use to potential clients? With the leading online promotional merchandise company you can select a wide range of items all of which can be branded with your logo. From essential office stationary to logo bugs. Your potential clients will take these giveaways into their workplace or home where everyday your company name will be in constant view reinforcing your companies image time and time again.

09/29 Corporate Gifts

When you run a business it is essential that you choose the right people to work for your company. You need to select people you can rely on, who are trustworthy and who will put in 110% effort to your company. Once you have chosen your special workforce you want to make sure that they stay, as good employees are hard to come by.

Obviously staff needs to be motivated and happy in their workplace as motivated staff achieve higher productivity, therefore, increasing company profits, from which, in turn, your hard-working employees will also reap the benefits. One way to show your staff that you value their contribution to the company and to show your appreciation for their hard work and loyalty is to reward them with Corporate Gifts.

Staff recognition is a great way to boost moral and acknowledge personal or team performances and giving corporate gifts is a great way to demonstrate that you value their importance within the company. Promotional Gifts can be given as incentives to your staff to achieve targets you need them to reach or as a bonus for special achievements or simply as a thank you to show your gratitude for their input throughout the year.

09/29 Promotional Pens – the ultimate form of advertising.

How many people whilst watching TV are influenced by the adverts? Television has often been referred to as the ‘king’ of the advertising media, having the power to influence human behaviour in the comfort of their own home.

Just imagine if you could promote your business to an infinite number of potential clients as effectively as a TV advertisement with just the stroke of a pen. Well that is exactly what you can do by giving away promotional pens to your employees, clients and prospective clients.

How often do people use a pen, in the workplace, at home, having a drink with friends or in a business meeting? Whether it’s to sign documents, write down an important phone number, or simply to make a note of something, promotional pens are a vital visual aid, promoting brand awareness and creating greater visibility of your company logo. When it comes to promoting your company, promotional gifts are one of the most effective marketing tools you can use as they are not only cheap to buy, but when branded with your company logo they are also the perfect advertisement vehicle.

09/29 Promotional mugs, the long lasting promotional item

When it comes to long lasting promotional advertising there are few mediums that stand the ground. A company may spend 80% of their advertising budget on a television advert which may be viewed by thousands, but when it is over, what lasting reminder does the potential customer have? With the giving of useful and practical promotional items this common problem is easily overcome. The most practical and long lasting of the choice of promotional items on the market is undoubtedly the promotional mug.

Whatever your target audience, promotional mugs can be presented to everybody, regardless of status, class or gender. From the small retail consumer to the large blue chip company, promotional mugs act as an invaluable promotional utensil which can be used to effectively promote your company at any function such as trade fairs, seminars or conferences. Promotional Mugs are an effective promotional tool which can be used to create stronger bonds and improve business relationships whether given as corporate gifts for your hardworking employees, promotional gifts for prospective clients or as giveaways to your existing customers to express your appreciation of their loyalty.

Available in so many different shapes, sizes, colours and materials, such as acrylic, earthenware, glass, bone china, and to suit any type of liquid refreshment be it hot or cold. Whether your preference is for a cup of tea, herb tea or iced tea, or for special coffees such as latte, espresso, cappuccino there is no doubt that when branded with your company logo promotional mugs are not only fantastic, fun, flexible, advertisement vessels, but they are also one of the most popular promotional items on the market due to their ability to spread your brand message successfully and inexpensively.

Nowadays, with state-of-the-art modern technology in place and by means of techniques such as digital printing, using organic inks to achieve bright vibrant colours there is no need for your promotional mugs to be bland, or boring. Utilising these high-tech methods you can have your promotional mugs embossed with stunning photo quality creating images that express your individuality and produce something unique to your company.